My Portfolio

My portfolio includes a mixture of my work as an instructional designer and producer of web pages, print media, and professional training. I have organized my work according to software I have used when I produced it.

To view samples of my work, click on the sample files below.

Note: A few samples are so large you will need to request the sample to view.


Impact Mapping for Managers (AEP)- Request required for this sample.


Create Captivate Simulation

Convert Captivate Sim

Add Text Sim

Log on Example

Try It Example

Pre-Assessment Example

Knowledge Check 1

Knowledge Check 2

Post Assessment Example

Final Quiz Example


Image Morphing

Roll Over


Quiz 2

Job Aids

Analysis Job Aid

How to add hyperlinks to a webpage

Web Graphics/Images

Web page properties

General users job aid

How to post to web


Special Events Brochure page 1 page 2

Quarterly Newsletter – sample coming soon


Creating and Using Podcasts

Introduction to Learning Pods


Team Health

Training Strategy

Impact Mapping

Rss feeds, Wikis and more

Web Based Training

Web Basics WBT- Request required for this sample.



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