Packing Up and Moving

Yes, it’s true… I’m packing up and moving.. to a new location.  I decided that I really wanted to be able to customize my WordPress more… so I’m moving… to….

Come join me!


Coventi Pages Blog

What makes Coventi Pages different? « Coventi Pages Blog

Ok, tell me this isn’t TOTALLY cool. I love wiki’s and blogs and things but think of the ability to put comments in the margin, etc. What a great collaboration tool. This I HAVE got to check out!!!

Links to Remember

I don’t normally do this but I’ve found a bunch of cool links to share and remember so here goes. Keep in mind I haven’t had the opportunity to check all of these out yet. If you’ve got thoughts or a review, feel free to share. What I love about all these places it the social bookmarking, tagging and sharing. made simple number tied to you, not to a phone or location and more. Great location to keep track of books you’ve read, share with others and get peoples suggestions on books manager books that are on your shelf. Share, explore, chat. a badge for your site to encourage others to donate to a cause important to you. events calendar reviews and more, sort of like citysearch