Computer Question

Ok, a question for those computer people out there.   I have a Mac Airport Extreme Base Station that does a great job of providing wireless internet access.  I love it, my husband loves it.  Here’s the problem.  My husband has an Xbox 360 and likes to play over the internet with his father.  Bad part is that the xbox doesn’t talk to the Extreme.  I’ve looked on the net and the only recommendation is to remove the 128 bit encryption, which we won’t do.  Is there a way to connect a router to the Cat line and then have two wireless routers out of it?  Any ideas would be great!!!


Woo Hoo.  I finally got my package today.  I got my copy of Office 2008 for the Mac.  I know lots of “true blue” Mac users will frown because I’m using something that doesn’t start with an “i” but honestly, Office is something I just couldn’t give up in my transition to the Mac.  Of course, I don’t use Office’s Entorage for email so that’s got to earn me some points.  I haven’t played a lot with the new version of Office but just looking at it, it’s different and cool at the same time. You can check here for more about the 2008 version of office, if you’re interested. Off to go play. Hope you all have a great weekend.