I know I’ve talked about it before but I have to say. I am so excited about the implications of wikis in the business world. I have been fortunate to participate in investigating wikis and their uses in the company I work for. It’s been so interesting to review the wikis that are out there for purchase, their pros and cons. It’s also very interesting to see the sample wikis that companies have steered me too.

While working on my wiki investigation, I found this article – 7 Strategies for Implementing Wikis – amongst my rss feeds. The article outlines strategies for implementing wikis as outlined by Industry Week.

These strategies couldn’t have come at a better time. I really liked the 7 points the author pointed out but I also felt it could be shortened and adjusted a bit. Here’s my list below.

  1. Integrate
  2. Understand
  3. Optimize
  4. Assign
  5. Recognize
  6. Value
  7. Encourage

Honestly, I think those 7 words say it all. I started thinking of those 7 words and tried to pick out “the one” action or behavior that has to happen for a wiki to be successful and honestly, I can’t pick just one. Good solid wiki adoption depends on so many things. It would be so easy to say that it just requires leadership support and some rules, but there’s so much more. Wikis thrive on people and not just the “big wigs” or the “people in the trenches” but all people. A wiki is the catalyst for collaboration, sharing of ideas, meeting people with like interests or ideas and much more.

For a wiki to be adopted by all you’ve got to address all aspects; everything from the new user of technology to the early adopter. You need to speak their language and really show the value of the tool. For many the wiki becomes a paradigm shift. I know for some it is hard to make the transition from writing a word document and uploading it to making a wiki page that IS the document.

I am just so very excited that I get to participate on the team working toward a wiki solution for our company. Every day I see new uses for it in our environment. I can’t wait for the day that I can say, we have xx wiki.


Computer Question

Ok, a question for those computer people out there.   I have a Mac Airport Extreme Base Station that does a great job of providing wireless internet access.  I love it, my husband loves it.  Here’s the problem.  My husband has an Xbox 360 and likes to play over the internet with his father.  Bad part is that the xbox doesn’t talk to the Extreme.  I’ve looked on the net and the only recommendation is to remove the 128 bit encryption, which we won’t do.  Is there a way to connect a router to the Cat line and then have two wireless routers out of it?  Any ideas would be great!!!


Let me first preface this post by saying, this post has NOTHING to do with corporate training, elearning, etc.

I want to share with you an “ah ha” moment I had today.  I was hanging out in Powell’s over at the Cedar Hills Shopping center.  killing time until I could go home (Note:  We’re in the process of selling our house so Sundays mean an open house, dogs at daycare, me, not home).  Ok so I’m walking around checking out books of interest and I come across the Book “In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollan.  I  think I was attracted to the book because it was lunch time and the book has a giant head of lettuce on it.  In any case, I open the book and skim the front flap to determine if I’m interested.  The sort of it is that this guy was basically saying, “We need to get back to real food, you know, the kind grandma used to make”.  I stood there and that’s when I had the “ah ha” moment.  Not because the thought was something epiphanal but because here was someone that agreed with me, or I agreed with him.

I’ve often wondered about our food supply and the impacts of all the “fat-free, no calorie” sorts of things.  I know too that many people purchase processed foods for convenience and because for some reason they like American cheese (This I’ll never understand).  I’d rather grow tomatoes in my garden and them cook them into a wonderful sauce and freeze it for later than have a ton of processed stuff.  I know I’m a different person, because I love to cool and I LOVE to bake.  I remember the 70’s when my mom, as did most moms; canned fruit and vegetables, made make-a-mix stuff and did a lot more to make the prep time for a healthy meal a lot less.  It seems that in this day an age, it’s all about picking up something at the grocery store, throwing it in the oven and then the table.  By taking the “easy way out” a person increases their waste (e.g. plastic containers), consumes a product with less nutritional value and often spends more money for it.  Nuts, if you ask me.

Ok, I’ve digressed from the topic and my point.  Reading that flap made me think of all the things going on in the world today e.g. going green, organic vs. non-organic, etc.  It’s great to have the conveniences that we do with food but we have to know and measure the cost.  As with any technology or advancement there are pros and cons.  What will the impact of processed food and now cloned meat (I’m not touching that one)?  I mean, will these things be good for us?  Are we getting closer to eating like the Jetson’s, remember the little pill they took for all their food?  Is that a good thing?  What’s wrong with eating “real” food?

Here’s my final point, I think I need to buy this book and read it. Just reading the flap further encourages me to cook in a healthy way, with real food, like grandma and like my mom.

Woo Hoo.  I finally got my package today.  I got my copy of Office 2008 for the Mac.  I know lots of “true blue” Mac users will frown because I’m using something that doesn’t start with an “i” but honestly, Office is something I just couldn’t give up in my transition to the Mac.  Of course, I don’t use Office’s Entorage for email so that’s got to earn me some points.  I haven’t played a lot with the new version of Office but just looking at it, it’s different and cool at the same time. You can check here for more about the 2008 version of office, if you’re interested. Off to go play. Hope you all have a great weekend.

I’m back!!

I know, I know it’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted and I’m not the world’s most reliable blogger (at least this blog).  But I’m going to do better.  I think collaboration with others is important and sharing ideas/thoughts even more important.  Well, to do that, I NEED TO POST.  I’ve actually been thinking a lot about it since the new year and I’m going to try and post once a week, at least.  I’m going to start there and after that, who knows.

I hate to make excuses but I think one of the reason I haven’t posted is “information overload”.  I think most of us can identify with that.  You know, having something like 130 RSS feeds, getting magazines a couple times a month in the mail and not having the time, or notion to read them all.  For me a degree of guilt comes with all of that.  I would LOVE to be able to sit down and read, read, read but I don’t.  Instead I choose to watch shows on TV with my husband, work or just enjoy life a little more.  I started cleaning things a bit last night getting rid of those feeds that I don’t read much or where people haven’t posted for over a year.  I’m not sure how many feeds I have not but I might be under the 100 mark.  I’ve got my magazines stacked and ready to read and my notebook next to it to take notes.  🙂  My husband and I have also agreed to turn the TV off from 6-8pm too so that’s going to help too.

Here’s to things picking up and posts/knowledge improving.