Don’t know what to think

“Losing Faith: How the (Andy) Grove Survivors Led the Decline of Intel’s Corporate Culture” (Bob Coleman & Logan Shrine)

Tonight I went out with an old Intel friend. She’s one of those people you’re really sorry you don’t work with. She’s an amazing person and works hard. Anyway, she was telling me about this book. Apparently it’s about how Intel has fallen since Craig Barrett was the CEO. i think that’s interesting. What I also think is interesting is the fact that supposedly the “high ups” at Intel have tried to find the Bob Coleman and Logan Shrine w/in the company and they’re not there and there are no records of them. The story goes that those are pen names to protect the true authors of this book as it’s highly likely that those authors still work for the company. Is it urban legend or true. Humm.. I’m not sure but I’m thinking I might have to get the book and check it out.


3 Responses

  1. I’ve ordered the book. It does sound like a great read!

  2. I forgot to include the link to the site about the book:

  3. I have finished the book, and it is amazing! The authors provide compelling evidence about the reality of the Intel world. It explains why many worker bees are frustrated and end up giving up.

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