Where have I been?

For those of you that don’t know, I was laid off from my previous employer (Intel) back in October. I sort of thought it was going to be coming because my old group was very political and because I was one of “those people” that bucked the system and dared to ask upper management questions, I wasn’t really liked. That in addition to some other political things lead to my lay off. At first being laid off was really hard because I knew it was good for me but at the same time freaked me out too. I didn’t understand why, from a performance perspective, why I was laid off when I’d had over 3 divisional recognition awards and my customers felt i delivered results. I think at first I was just numb and wasn’t sure what to do with myself since I had gone from working a 40 hour week to nothing. Let me tell you though, it was nice. It was great to have both Thanksgiving and Christmas off to really enjoy the holidays, my friends and family. That was a real treat.

I kept looking at my RSS feeds and hoping that some day I’d feel the desire and need to read and immerse myself back into the blogisphere and be a “contributing member of society”. Just about every day I’d open my computer and look at the long list of posts to read and just felt overwhelmed and I think a part of me just wanted to curl up and hide from everyone and lick my wounds. It was a feeling I’ve not had before, I mean, I’ve NEVER been let go from a job and that was a hard pill to swallow.

Well, things have changed. I have a full time job now that I’m really excited about. I’ll be using my wonderful ISD skills in the travel industry developing online courses for the company that has hired me. I’m pretty excited and it’s with that excitement that i write this post. I’m back.. i mean…

I’M BACK!!!!
I’m so excited to read up on the posts that I’ve read, well I may not read all the ones I’ve missed but I hope to catch up and start posting to others blogs. I’m interested to see what I’ve missed and jump back into sharing my thoughts, learning from others and bring that knowledge to my new job and company.

This was a long and hard process but I’m really glad I went through it. Getting laid off was the best thing I ever needed. It was a great kick in the you know what to get me out there and realize that I bring value. May you all feel the same.


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